History Honours Theses at the University of Melbourne

The Honours Thesis Database contains more than 2500 entries to 2011, and will be progressively updated. Thesis topics over the decades since the early 1950s reflect patterns of staff expertise, accessibility to primary resources, as well as trends in theoretical and area approaches. Many contain valuable unpublished research findings and are still consulted by students and staff. The database includes theses from past and present members of School staff including Tracey Banivanua Mar, Tony Birch, Michael Cathcart, Megan Cassidy, Barry Collett, Kate Darian-Smith, Graeme Davison, Greg Dening, Chris Healy, Stuart Macintyre, Andrew May, Kate McGregor, Peter McPhee, Paul Nicholls, Rebe Taylor and Jacqueline Templeton – as well as other scholars and academics including Tom Griffiths, Katie Holmes, Bill Kent, Zoë Laidlaw, Robert Manne, Isabel McBride, Seamus O’Hanlon, Lyndal Roper, Alistair Thomson, Christina Twomey and Lawrence Zion.